Muay Thai Training Day in Thailand


Come for Muay Thai !!!

If you do not know how to spend your holidays and you are a fighter, Thailand is the right place to train in peace in Muay Thai and not far from Bangkok you can find areas of training very natural will help you focus on the practice of fight, you can also spend your time between several local shops of Thai Boxing where you can buy from boxing gloves slung the protections and from shorts to shirts with stunning graphics, Thailand offers many markets where everything takes place with great simplicity and seems to go back a little in the past, Thai Boxing is culture and many Thais train in various places such as for example in the area National Stadium near MBK is reachable with the shy Train, we recommend a a beautiful city map because here there are many attractions and also to visit the islands where however you can train in style Muay Thai near the sea or on certain islands you can also practice on the sand, are amazing things you can do here if you like sport from combat and finally after a hard day of training you can dedicartia a nice massage that you regenerate.

Muay Thai Shorts and Muay Thai Gloves for best fighter

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